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Vixen – #247


Farren Fouls – #333


Smacklemore – #15


Watson – #12

Derby Name Inspiration: Names are overrated. More

Clara Crossbow – #1905

Derby Name Inspiration: My timeless girl crush and style idol, Clara Bow. She was a film actress and flapper girl in the 1920's, known for being a little 'out of the box' for her time. She reportedly never owned a doll in her life, but treasured her roller skates. My signature move has been aptly named the "crotchbow". More

Gong Show Sally – #59


Bubbles – #808

Derby Name Inspiration: 20 years ago, when my nephew was 2-3, he came to stay the summer with us. I was in grade 9-10. I would blow bubbles with him every day. So went he returned home he told his mom, (my sister) and all his friends & neighbours about Aunty Bubbles & it stuck. Every niece & nephew has called me Aunty Bubbles ever since. Plus I'm an air head, Bubbly kinda person!! So it's suiting!! More