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Vixen – #247


Funky Komadina – #91


FoxC – #21


Farren Fouls – #333


HurlWind – #59.3

Derby Name Inspiration: I have worked in the wind industry for four years and am extremely passionate about renewable energy. My derby name is a play on a weather phenomenon that creates a vortex of wind - with a little rakish twist. More

FischNet Freyja – #636

Derby Name Inspiration: My love for fishnet combined with my last name, and Norse mythology. More

Arsyn – #11

Derby Name Inspiration: If you know me on a friendship basis, you'll know about my love to burn things (my body is covered in accidental burns from this love). My pyromania will probably lead to bad accidents, hence "arson". I added the "y" in there because it's like my real name that way. More