Referee Training Program

Zebra huddle!

Zebra huddle!

Referees (or Zebras) keep skaters safe during game play and also help at practices officiating drills and scrimmages. Zebras skate for FREE once they graduate from the Adult New Skater Program in return for reffing services at practices and games.

Opportunities exist for referees to shadow experienced refs and attend training sessions to hone their skills. WFTDA Skating Skills Assessment for Referee Certification provides the guideline for minimum skating skill required in order to begin reffing. Becoming an experienced ref will open opportunities to travel around Western Canada reffing in a wide-variety of games. Chat with your New Skater Program Coach if you think reffing would be a good option for you!

You must attend one of the Adult League Registration Nights and graduate from the Adult New Skater Program prior to learning to ref.

2017 Season runs April-November

Learning to skate with the LRDG!

Learning to skate with the LRDG!

Adult Roller Derby 101

Interested in the sport of roller derby? Come learn the basics of skating at our 8-week Roller Derby 101 program.

The adult program is open to women and men aged 18+. No roller skating experience is required.

To register for Adult Program:

You may pre-register here. Be sure to attend the first session to fully register for the 8-week program.

First Adult Session: Wednesday, June 7 • 7-8 p.m.

Lethbridge Curling Club: 110 74 Mauritania Rd. W.

Please arrive 20 minutes early to be fitted for gear and to register. If you are unable to attend the June registration session, the next Roller Derby 101 session will start September 6, 2017.

8-Week Adult Session Cost: $150

Due at the end of June 7 session. Fees include $30 CRDi Apprentice Insurance. Sessions continue Sundays from 4-5 p.m. and Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. Full schedule is below.

Adult Gear Rentals Available

$10 + $50 security deposit

Includes skates, helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads. Limited sizes available. Security deposit will be returned when skater purchases their own gear and returns all items. It is recommended skaters purchase their own gear as soon as possible as proper fit is important for safety.

Check out our sponsors for more information and prices on purchasing gear

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Please bring and wear:

  • Mouthguard – you will not be allowed to skate without one
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothing – t-shirt and shorts or athletic pants
  • Socks
  • Provincial health care card

If you own the following items, please bring:

  • Helmet (bike, skateboard or hockey)
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Knee pads
  • Roller skates
  • Gear rental fees will not be reduced for partial equipment loans

If you have skating experience and would like to join mid-season, please email or message us on our Facebook Page for information about special adult mid-season intake. Mid-season registrants must own roller derby gear to join mid-season.

Adult Skating Program Levels

In the Adult Skating Program, women and men 18+ start in the New Skater Program. There, skaters will learn to skate and the basic skills of falling, footwork and skating in close proximity to each other, while building up strength and endurance. From there, skaters move up through various levels in the Adult Skating Program.

  • New Skater Program: These skaters are non-contact, non-scrimmaging and just learning to skate. Most of them have never been on skates before. Skaters remain in this program until the fresh meat coach deems them safe for the next level.
  • Developing Skater Program: These skaters are deemed safe for basic game play by the Fresh Meat Coach, eligible to attend new skate and full-skate practices and begin integrating themselves into practice drills within their level. Skaters learn the rules of the game through participating and watching drills and scrimmage. At this point, skaters may choose to support the league by becoming a referee, a good non-contact alternative to participating in the sport, while still being on roller skates!
  • Modified Skater Program: These skaters are working on achieving their WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements and studying for their rules test and have not yet passed all full requirements. Modified skaters participate in all drills and are aware of game rules and can comfortably scrimmage and participate in home and away invitational events.
  • Full-Skate Program: These skaters have passed all WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements and rules test. These skaters are eligible for game rosters and home and away invitational events

Referee Costs and Fees

  • $50 CRDI insurance for the 2017 year (self-registered)
  • Practice Fees: FREE in return for league officiating services
  • Payments: September-November $120, April-June $120, July-August $80
    • Payment is due by the 15th of the first month of each seasonal block

Referees attend adult practices and officiate scrimmages. Practices are every Sunday and Wednesday evening, with some exceptions.

Additional Links and Information

Skaters must self-register and purchase their insurance through CRDI (click here for forms) and email the league treasurer when registration has been completed.

Skaters must purchase their own referee uniforms (cost varies depending on style).

WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices (PDF)

WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues (PDF)

WFTDA Official Hand Signals (PDF)

WFTDA Skating Skills Assessment for Referees (PDF)

Adult bw scrim 2Connect with skaters on Facebook

Please request to join our LRDG League Group and like our Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild Facebook Page for additional announcements about practice and other events.

Roller derby gear requirements

Roller skates

  • Starting at $150
  • Most skate packages come with indoor wheels and bearings

Knee pads

  • Starting at $40


  • Starting at $50.
  • Be sure to purchase a dual certified CPSC (single impact) and ASTM (multi impact) helmet

Elbow pads

  • Starting at $30

Wrist guards

  • Starting at $20

Extras that are nice to have:

  • Roller skate toe covers/protectors
  • Skate tool
  • Outdoor wheels with bearings

Check out our sponsors for more information and prices on purchasing gear

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