Windy City Wenches steal a win from Coalbank Crushers

Two new teams from the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild had their debut match on Saturday, with the Windy City Wenches pulling a win from the Coalbank Crushers.

In the first half, the Crushers kept their play strategic, scoring quickly and calling off jams before the Wenches had the opportunity to score. At the end of the first half the Crushers held a 97-53 lead.

In the second half, the Wenches played a tighter defense, limiting the Crusher’s scoring chances. While the Crushers managed to maintain their lead throughout most of the second half, the Wenches continued to push to bring the game into their reach.

The final decision came down to the last jam where the Crushers were leading 159-149. When Coalbank Crusher jammer Cherri Blaster was sent to the box for a major penalty, it allowed Wench jammer Hellz Jezebel to score enough points to pull the Windy City Wenches ahead to a 159-162 win.

The Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild, which formed in 2010, recently expanded into their two house teams and are confirming their summer schedule for their next home game. The league’s next game for their travel team, the Deathbridge Derby Dames is scheduled in Saskatoon against the Mindfox on March 17. Visit their website at for schedule updates.

Game Stats

Top Scorers

Coalbank Crushers
Cherri Blaster: 88
Alli-Kate-Or: 59

Windy City Wenches
Hellz Jezebel: 59
Half Pint Havoc: 57